Identifying your face shape

women with different face shapes for determining hair styles

The first step towards finding the perfect haircut is knowing what face shape you have. With that in mind, we've created a guide to identifying your face shape and learning how to style it accordingly.


A round face is characterized by a wide forehead, cheeks, and chin. If you have this face shape, your forehead may be wider than the rest of your face. You might also notice that there is more distance between your eyes than other people's eyes and a rounded jawline.

If you're unsure about whether or not you have a round face shape, look at pictures of yourself from different angles in the mirror (or ask someone else for help). If it looks like most of these features apply to you: congratulations, you’ve identified your face shape!


If you have a heart-shaped face, your forehead will be wider than your chin and jawline. Heart-shaped faces can also be long or short in length; the difference is determined by how rounded or pointed the jawline is.

If you have this type of face shape, try wearing your hair in front of one ear so that it covers part of your forehead (and helps balance out the fullness). You can also try adding layers around the perimeter of your hairline to create more volume at the top--this will help balance out any extra width from having a wide forehead.


An oval face is a long face with a rounded chin. The best haircuts for oval faces are those that are long and layered, which help add length to your face. You can also try bangs as they will shorten the appearance of your forehead while also creating some contrast between the sides and back of your hair.


If you have a square face, your forehead is narrow and your jawline is wide. Your face shape is typically broad and well-defined. You can wear almost any hairstyle that takes your fancy, but we'd recommend hairstyles with soft angles for best effect.


If your face is longer than it is wide, then you have a rectangular face shape.

The width of your forehead, cheeks and chin are all about the same length. Your jawline is straight and square-ish, but not masculine.

If you have this kind of face shape:

  • Avoid hairstyles with bangs or layers that are too short near the temples (they may make your forehead look wider).
  • Try to balance out any fullness around the cheeks with a long side part in which hair falls over one shoulder rather than down onto the cheek bones (this will give an illusion of depth).


If you have a diamond face shape, the most flattering haircuts for you are asymmetrical cuts that soften the strong lines of your jawline and narrow chin. Your hair shouldn't be too short or too long--medium length hair works best for this shape. Bangs also work well for diamond faces because they balance out their strong jawline with softness around their forehead and cheeks.

Knowing which face shape you have is essential to choosing the right haircut.

Knowing your face shape is essential to choosing the right haircut. The wrong style can make you look older, heavier, or even more tired than before.

The best way to determine your face shape is by looking at yourself in the mirror with a ruler or tape measure in hand (you'll need this for measuring). Start at the middle of your forehead and measure down one side of your nose just below its tip; then do the same on other side of nose tip as well as both cheekbones--these measurements will help determine how wide or narrow each part of your face is relative to others.


Knowing your face shape is essential to finding the right haircut. If you want a good-looking style that will flatter your features, it's important to know what shape they are. The best way to do this is by getting a professional opinion from someone who knows what they're doing--but if you can't afford that or just want some basic guidance on your own at home, then our guide should help!