How to Care For Wavy Hair

Woman with wavy hair

If you have wavy hair, you are all too familiar with the frustration of a bad haircut. On the other hand, a great haircut can make any type of hair look beautiful. That said, with wavy hair, it's important that you make sure you get a haircut that suits your face shape and your hair texture. That way, you can style your hair so that it doesn't end up looking messy, unkempt, or worse—boring!


The Importance of Treating Wavy Hair with Special Care

Wavy hair is beautiful, but it requires a certain level of maintenance. As the name suggests, it’s not straight but it's not curly. Because of the in-between nature of wavy hair, it can be difficult to style it in flattering ways. But that’s why we’re here! Let us help you learn how to care for your wavy hair.

It all starts with learning what your hair needs. The key is finding products that complement the natural waves in your hair instead of fighting against them. However, that’s only the beginning. Here’s what we suggest you do when taking care of wavy hair!


Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-In Conditioner for Wavy Hair


  • Shampoo and conditioner should be paired. The combination of these two products is essential for maintaining healthy wavy hair.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner to towel dried hair, then comb through with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.
  • Apply to all sections of your hair, from roots to tips.

When caring for wavy hair, shampoo and conditioner should be used in tandem. The combination of these two products is essential for maintaining wavy hair.

There are many shampoos and conditioners out there that claim to be suitable for non-straight hair. However, they all seem to share a common problem where they don't work well when paired with natural waves. So, seek out shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for wavy hair.  

Keep in mind that shampooing your hair too often can dry it out, which typically results in frizzy hair. To minimize this, either shampoo your hair less frequently or use an anti-frizz serum instead.

Also, when styling wavy hair, make sure you use a moisturizing styling cream or lotion. These products are lightweight while still helping you maintain the hydration of your wavy locks. Apply these products to towel-dried hair. Then, comb through your hair using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

Haircuts and Styles for Wavy Hair

When scheduling your next haircut, opt for a layered look. Ask your hairstylist to help you decide how to layer your hair so that it works best with your wavy locks. The right haircut can make all the difference when it comes to how your wavy hair looks and feels. So, with a layered cut, you’ll have more volume on the top of your head, which is flattering for wavy hair. Plus, a haircut like this can help you keep your hair looking sleek in between washes.


Texturizing Creams and Sprays for Wavy Hair

You can use creams or sprays to create movement while simultaneously allowing for separation. Sprays and creams can give your hair some structure without making your hair too stiff. Try the KSD Styling cream.

Now, if you have wavy hair and you want to create more definition, apply the product from the midshaft down. Then, use your hands to scrunch the product into the ends of your wet hair. From there, blow dry your hair as usual but make sure you don’t brush it.


How to Brush Your Hair when it’s Wavy

Brushing your hair when it's wet can cause a lot of damage to your waves. While this can be difficult to avoid, there are ways to minimize the amount of damage your hair sustains. If you have long, wavy hair and you want to brush it out so that your hair looks tame, try brushing it gently with a wide-tooth comb. You can even use smooth bobby pins.

If these aren’t options for whatever reason, try using an anti-frizz serum on damp hair instead of brushing it out immediately after showering. Also, when brushing wavy hair, opt for a detangling brush or comb that has reasonably sized teeth. If you brush your wavy hair with super fine teeth, you can end up causing damage or breakage to your hair.

Try using a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush because it will be gentler on your hair. In turn, you’ll prevent breakage. Now, if you already use a brush, consider switching to one with softer bristles. They will be less likely to get stuck on your strands.


Sun Protection for Wavy Hairstyles

If you have wavy hair, protect it from the sun and humidity by wearing a hat or scarf when you go outside. Also, if your scalp feels sweaty or uncomfortable after you exercise, try using a leave-in conditioner or serum. Prioritize products that contain hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera. These can keep your scalp feeling cool and refreshed. Also, make sure you use a heat protectant before straightening or curling your waves. Otherwise, they can be easily damaged by the heat without prevention in place.


How to Style Your Wavy Hair

Whether you blow dry your hair for straightening effects or you let your wavy hair dry naturally is up to you. Either way, you’ll want to make use of styling cream to prevent frizziness. It can also help you create smooth layers all throughout your hair and style it in any way you wish.


 Shampoo, conditioner and styling creme for curly, wavy or frizzy hair


One beautiful style idea for wavy hair is blown-out waves. If that sounds like a look you want to try out, use a round brush with large metal pins. With the brush, pull back sections of your damp hair and then blow them until your hair is completely dry. From there, shape your hair into place with the help of finishing spray before heading out the door.



Wavy hair is gorgeous, but it requires maintenance. From using specific shampoo and conditioner to styling it in certain ways and brushing your hair gently, there are many tips and tricks you can apply for stunning wavy hair looks. Give these ideas a try on your journey to perfecting a wavy hair routine that works well for you.