#1 Keratin At home Smoothing Treatment

Professional salon treatments you can do at home for smoother, straighter, softer, frizz free hair that last for months.

#1 Keratin At-home Smoothing Treatment

Professional salon treatments you can do at home for smoother, straighter, softer, frizz free hair that last for months.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Formaldehyde Free

Salon Quality Results

Lasts For Months

Made In The USA

Smoother, straighter, softer, frizz-free hair with or without a flat iron.

Our treatments deeply penetrate the hair strand to infuse vitamins, botanicals and keratin for smoother, softer, more manageable hair that lasts for months.  Works on all hair types and colors.
Try Keratin Salon Direct and fall in love with your hair!

Try our most popular and longest lasting smoothing treatment

Save 75% off salon pricing

Or try our Flat Iron Free Express with the same great savings without using a flat iron.

Still unsure which treatment is right for you?
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Women with beautiful hair holding at home keratin treatment

Get results that last even longer!

Have softer, frizz-free hair for longer with our aftercare and styling products

No waiting, just get on with your life.

Unlike other salon smoothing treatments, our treatments have no waiting time before you can wash your hair, exercise, swim, use pins & clips or wear a ponytail. You can even color your hair right after the treatment. Keratin Salon Direct is clinically tested to make your hair up to 75% smoother and softer after just one application!

Directions for use - Smooth

For more detailed instructions, refer to the booklet with your order or in our FAQs

For Flat Iron Free Express, the directions are the same but the Flat Iron step is not required.

Easy to do

Apply yourself and get salon quality results at home using the simple instructions provided in your kit.

Safe to use

Our formulation is free from formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals.

Huge savings

We'll keep you looking your best & save you 75% on in-salon pricing.

Long-lasting results

Enjoy smoother, softer, silkier, more manageable hair for months.

Love Your Hair Again!

Clinically proven to reduce frizz by 53% and reduce hair breakage by 84%

Bundle, Save and Pay Later!

Save up to $131 when you bundle with a four pack of your favorite hair smoothing treatments. Pay in installments with Afterpay...

Get smoother, straighter, softer, frizz-free hair, for a fraction of salon pricing with at home keratin treatments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Keratin Salon Direct (KSD) smoothing treatments are
transformational, long-lasting and safe treatments that bring hair to its
ideal, most beautiful condition without damaging or dangerous chemicals like
formaldehyde, which can be found in other straightening or smoothing products.

Our SMOOTH product, which requires the use of a flat iron, delivers
straighter results than our FLAT IRON FREE EXPRESS product. Many users of our
SMOOTH product prefer it to Brazilian salon keratin treatments. The primary
difference between our two treatments is that FLAT IRON FREE EXPRESS does not
require the use of a flat iron and SMOOTH yields a straighter result.

KSD will last for months if you follow the directions for your hair type and
texture. Like salon keratin smoothing treatments (sometimes referred to as
“Brazilians”) the amount of time KSD will last varies by hair type, hair
texture, and maintenance routine.

Yes. It is best to color hair after the treatment. This eliminates
any problem that may occur related to lifting of color. If you color after treatment
it can be done the same day or anytime after. If you color before the
treatment, like all smoothing treatments, some color may be lifted and highlights
may be brighter.

No. KSD gives you the hair you want without harsh chemicals like lye (sodium
hydroxide), no-lye (guanidine carbonate) or ammonium thioglycolate that can
damage your skin or your scalp. It contains no formaldehyde or aldehydes of any
type. It is safe, easy and you can do it yourself at home.

For more questions, see our FAQ page.