Hair color and keratin treatments

women with colored hair after using a keratin treatment

If you're a woman who likes to color her hair, then you've likely had the following thought: "Can I dye my hair and use a keratin treatment?" Unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward for most treatments. In this blog post, we'll explain how to find out if your or your stylist are using the right products for you.

What percent of women color their hair

The statistics show that more than 50% of women color their hair. According to the American Hair Color Association, this trend has been increasing since 2016, with an estimated $1.4 billion spent on hair color products in 2018. The number one reason for coloring your hair is that it makes you feel good about yourself, but sometimes it's simply because you're bored with your natural shade and want something new!

Women are not alone when it comes to coloring their locks--men are also getting into the act as well! It's no surprise that there are many options available today: from subtle highlights or lowlights (which add depth) to full-on dye jobs (which completely change the overall look). The best part? There's no need for harsh chemicals anymore--most formulas are now ammonia-free so they won't damage your tresses while still delivering vibrant results every time!

Color after keratin treatment if you avoid formaldehyde treatments

If you're thinking about getting a keratin treatment and want to keep your hair color, ask your stylist if they offer formaldehyde-free treatments. Formaldehyde can cause allergic reactions and may be carcinogenic. They also strip your color. Not all salon keratin treatments can allow color the same day; some require waiting anywhere from 10 days to two weeks after application before coloring or highlighting the hair again.
However, if you’re considering using a formaldehyde-free at-home keratin treatment, Keratin Salon Direct might be right for you. These treatments allow you to color your hair immediately after the treatment is complete. No wait period for color.

Can a keratin treatment strip the color from hair?

If you color before your treatment, yes as with all keratin treatments there is a potential to lift color from your hair. Unnaturally bright colors may have a greater tendency for lift. Color fading occurs over time regardless of whether or not you have had a keratin treatment done on your hair. So in reality, your color may be fading regardless of whether or not you choose to get one done in the first place!

However, to eliminate the problems related to color lift, consider coloring your hair immediately after the keratin treatment.



Even if you have a keratin treatment, it's still important to maintain your color. A good rule of thumb is to avoid formaldehyde-based treatments. Instead, consider using an at-home keratin treatment that you can color immediately after.