Blowout tips - Messy hair no more

Blowout tips - Messy hair no more

Messy hair. Frizzy hair. Zero shape. Don't panic, we have our blowout secrets.

Frizz is no fun. So we asked our stylists about the perfect blowout secrets to help you fight away frizz and have your best hair days this season.

Use a round brush: your secret weapon against frizz

When it comes to bleached or delicate hair, curling and flat irons can do some damage, stripping away your natural shine.

Use a round brush instead: it can become your secret weapon against frizz. Not only can the right brush help you detangle hair without static, it can also help transfer oil from scalp to hair.

Style with a brush into two simple steps 

For best results, first run your fingers through the hair to detangle it and get the excess moisture out with a blow dryer.

Second, work on small sections (no bigger than the width of your brush): lock your brush into place, slightly twist your wrist and keep tension on the brush for a smoother finish. 

Use the blow dryer 'cool air' feature to hold shape


Use low or medium heat near your hair line to help reduce frizz from excessive heat. Then use the cool air feature on your blow dryer to hold shape and control or prevent frizz.

For added shine, use KSD Styling Creme before your blowout

Before your blowout, apply a pea size amount of KSD Styling Crème to damp hair for added shine and a beautiful finish; hold fly aways and frizz at bay.

Keratin styling creme

Good hair days only

Intense, prolonged heat can sometimes damage hair that is too thin or weak. If that's you, we recommend Flat Iron Free Express. If you have split ends, have your hair trimmed before you apply any treatment

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