Massage and comb - Two tips for great application

Massage and comb - Two tips for great application

You got the Treatment, now what? Follow these two tips to apply it like a pro!

We get a lot of questions about what's the best way to apply the Treatment to your hair. For optimal and long lasting results, follow these two steps.

"The directions say to massage the treatment into the hair. What does that mean?"

To get the best results, the Treatment needs to penetrate the hair shaft and it needs to be massaged into the hair. Rub your thumb against your fingers down every hair strand to make sure the treatment is pushed into the cortex of every hair strand. This should start at your roots and go all the way down the hair shaft.

Massaging keratin treatment

"How do I know my hair is saturated?"

Once you’ve massaged the Treatment into your hair, comb through your strands. Ideally, you'll see a little product on the comb after it’s been applied from root to end. If not, apply more product to your hair. More treatment will be needed for on very curly or coarse hair, as this hair type absorbs products. Once you feel confident that enough product has been used all over your head, comb the hair back and away from your face.