3 Hacks to make the most of your treatment

3 Hacks to make the most of your treatment

A few hacks to make the most of your keratin treatment. 

Did you get a Keratin Salon Direct Treatment for yourself recently? We have a few hacks for you to ensure beautiful results and smoother hair.

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1. Color AFTER the treatment

All smoothing treatments have potential to lift color. So simply color after the treatment, even on the same day. There is no waiting period; you can swim, exercise or apply shampoo right away if you want to.

woman with bright red hair

2. Apply to DAMP hair

Apply the treatment to clean damp hair using your fingers and thumbs to rub the treatment into the every hair strand, from tip to root. Thoroughly saturate your problem areas such as bangs, cowlicks, or bleached sections.

women applying keratin treatment to damp hair

3. The RINSE is important 

Rinse exactly as described in the directions.  Don't under rinse or over rinse. Your hair should feel slippery, like after a deep conditioning treatment. If it feels too textured, gummy or heavy, rinse a little more.

woman rinse her hair in shower.

"Just applied the product two days ago and it is definitely doing the job as advertised! My hair is so silky and smooth, even with the higher temps and humidity of South Florida! Going to use it on my teenage daughter's unruly hair next!!"

- Janet L.