Eliminate Frizz With a Smoothing Blowout

Eliminate Frizz With a Smoothing Blowout

Frizz can easily become the bane of your existence, especially if you have curly hair. It can feel like a constant state of unruly hair, especially in humid weather. However, there are ways to eliminate frizz from your life forever when you follow a few simple steps. Let’s explore how this is possible.


What You’ll Need To Eliminate Frizz With Smoothing Blowout

To get rid of frizz when styling, you’ll need a blow dryer, a round brush, and a nozzle attachment.


Blow Dryer

The specific type of blow dryer doesn’t matter. It can be any type of hair dryer that you have on hand, even ones that come with your flat iron or curling iron. Just make sure the blow dryer isn’t too hot for the type of hair that you're working with! You don't want to damage your locks by drying them too quickly or too intensely.


Round Brush

With a round brush, you can smooth out your curls as you dry. A round brush can also help you evenly distribute heat throughout your entire head of hair. That way, there won’t be any areas where heat is not applied, and this is good news because otherwise, you could accidentally cause frizz instead of preventing it.


Step 1: Prep Your Hair

To get the smoothing results you want, it's important to prep your hair. You can do this by using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner.


After that, use an oil, serum spray or styling crème that is designed to seal in moisture. Make sure it can also protect against heat damage when you blow dry your hair. This can be especially helpful if your hair is often frizzy after you wash it.


Then, use a wide tooth comb to make sure you are free of tangles before you start your blow dry. This will help prevent kinks and bumps from forming. The outcome will be hair that looks smooth instead of ruffled and messy.


Section 2: Blow Out Your Hair

To smooth out your hair, you'll need to use a round brush. This can help smooth out the cuticle of your hair, which can eliminate frizz as a result.


Here’s how you can begin to smooth out your locks:

  • Section off half of your head with clips or bobby pins.
  • Next grab the necessary tools. Start using the tools on one side of your head.
  • Using light strokes, move through each section of your hair until all sections have been worked through at least once.
  • Repeat these steps until your entire head has been treated. The best case scenario would be hair without any visible frizz remaining.


Section 3: Make Use of the Nozzle Attachment on Your Blow Dryer

If you want to sport a sleek and straight hairstyle, then a nozzle attachment is your best friend for completing this look. You can use it to smooth out flyaways and frizz.


To create volume in your hair, try using the nozzle attachment at an angle. That way, it can blow air directly onto the roots of your hair. This will help lift them up, which will create more volume than if you were to blow straight down on your roots. The latter action would simply flatten your hair, not add volume to it.


When smoothing, make sure to keep the nozzle a few inches away from your hair to reduce the change of breakage or damage. Point the nozzle down from mid shaft to ends with tension on the round brush to finish the hair with a sleek look.


Eliminating Frizz From Home Can Be Easy


Ultimately, the process of eliminating frizz in your hair can be a challenge. However, by using the right tools and applying proper techniques, getting rid of frizz doesn’t have to be as daunting of a task. Using a keratin treatment once every few months will smooth out frizz by infusing the hair with nutrients and botanicals. After care products like the right shampoos, conditioners and styling crèmes will make everyday maintenance a breeze.