The Impact of Dry Air on Hair

The Impact of Dry Air on Hair

The dry winter air can have adverse effects on your hair. For instance, if you have curly or frizzy hair, dry air will make it even frizzier and far less manageable. Dry air can make split ends more likely as well due to the way it causes breakage and enhances the weakening of hair strands. Over time, the effects of dry winter air can result in a loss of volume as well.

Can Dry Air Outside Wreak Havoc on Your Hair?

Dry air can increase the amount of static electricity around you. In turn, it can lead to more flyaways and frizz. It also makes hair look dull and lifeless.

Dry air causes hair cuticles—which are the outer layer of your hair strands—to lift up as they try to attract moisture from the air around them. This leaves you with frizzy and unmanageable strands that won't lie flat against your head. Also, if you try to brush them down or curl them outwards, they'll just rebel harder than ever before! The lack of moisture in dry climates can cause breakage at the root level as well.

Curls are formed when the outer layer of the hair shaft curls inward. This curling motion is caused by a difference in temperature between the inside of the hair shaft and its surface, which is also known as the cuticle. When humidity is low, this difference becomes greater because there is less moisture present, and that’s what keeps hair smooth. Even though most people think of keratin treatments for warm, humid summer months, a fall or winter keratin treatment can assist in keeping moisture in your hair to assist in avoiding dryness, frizz and static.

Also known as static electricity, static cling occurs when two objects rub against each other despite not being connected by an electrical charge. This can cause major damage to your hairdo if left unchecked! So, keep this in mind and remember that high humidity levels generally prevent static build-up as a result of keeping air molecules closer together. However, when humidity levels drop below 40%, sparks can start to fly! Avoid this by adding moisture to your hair with an at-home keratin treatment.


How Dry Air Can Make Hair More Prone To Damage  

Dry air can make your hair more prone to split ends, breakage, and weakened strands. In fact, split ends are the result of dryness. The cuticle—or outer layer—of each strand of hair becomes rough and hard when it's exposed to too much heat or sunlight. This can cause the bonds between individual cells in your hair to weaken over time. The result could be frayed ends that look like they're split down the middle.

Dryness also makes it easier for strands to break off on their own because they are simply too weak to stay intact. Dryness can also cause frizziness because this type of area creates more opportunities for static electricity to build up. When this happens on a regular basis—say every day—then it can weaken each individual strand by causing them all to stick together tightly instead of spreading out evenly across their respective areas.


Dry Air Can Cause Brittleness and Breakage

Dry air can cause hair to become brittle and break off as a result. If you notice that your hair is becoming dry or feeling like straw, it's time to apply a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning treatments can seal in moisture from the inside out by coating strands with oils and other moisturizing ingredients, like coconut oil or shea butter. Once your hair has become stable, we recommend trying a smoothing treatment in the winter months to lock in moisture and avoid frizzy hair.


Dry Air Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Hair

We hope this article has helped you understand the impact that dry air can have on your hair and informed you about the many ways a humidifier can help. If you are looking for more information on this topic, we encourage you to check out our website. We're happy to answer any questions that may arise during your research process as well!