The Impact of Salt Water on Curly Hair

The Impact of Salt Water on Curly Hair

If you live near the ocean or in any other area where there's a lot of salt water mixed with frequent sunny days, then you already know that this combination can be good for and tough on your skin. But how does it affect your hair? Well, it’s not necessarily bad but it’s not completely good either.


Ultimately, the answer to the question of how salt water impacts curly hair is rooted in an understanding of what happens when your hair comes into contact with salt water. This will have an impact on how you should take care of your hair after getting some sun and swimming around in the ocean!


Curly Hair is Naturally Dry

Curly hair is naturally dry. Since curly hair has less moisture, it's more prone to breakage, frizz, and tangling in addition to dryness. Together, these attributes can lead to split ends if you don't properly take care of your curls. By using hydrating products that are designed to keep hair from drying out, you can minimize the odds of your hair sustaining damage.


Salt water can make these problems worse because it can strip away whatever natural oils are left in your strands after swimming in salt water. So, if you have curly hair—or any type of natural texture—and you want to enjoy beachside activities without damaging your locks, then you'll want to do some research before heading outside with the ocean breeze blowing through your mane!


Salt Water Can Dry Out Hair Even More

Salt water can damage the keratin in your hair. This can be damaging because keratin is responsible for keeping your hair strong and healthy. However, keratin levels are always vulnerable to sustaining damage.


Now, salt water has a drying effect on the keratin in your curls, which can make them dry, brittle, and frizzy. In addition to drying out your hair, salt water can also cause breakage. The salt in the water can cause your hair to become dehydrated and brittle, which makes strands more prone to snapping off.


Should You Wash Your Hair After Swimming in Pools or Oceans?  

The salt from water in oceans, pools, or lakes can be harsh to curly hair. If you swim in salt water and you want to wash your hair right away, it's a good idea to use a gentle shampoo instead of an acidic cleanser. You might also want to use conditioner after you wash your hair with shampoo By doing so, you can help keep moisture in the strands of your hair while preventing your hair from drying out too much.