Is a Keratin Treatment Right For Me?

Smoother softer hair from an at home keratin treatment

If you're looking to achieve smooth, shiny, more manageable hair, a keratin treatment can be a good option. If you want to save time and money, consider an at home keratin treatment. If you're ready for smoother, straighter locks that last for months, then keep reading! We'll cover everything from what keratin is and how it works to whether or not it will affect your color.


Do Keratin Treatments Work For All Hair Types?

A keratin treatment is suitable for all hair types and lengths. Whether your locks are curly, wavy, or straight but frizzy, this treatment can work on any length of hair, even if it's only a few inches long.


Keratin treatments also work well for every texture of hair, including thick strands and thin strands. Additionally, there are no restrictions when it comes to color. Keratin treatments can be applied to blonde locks as well as brunette or redhead shades. You should refer to the specific brand when deciding on when to apply color. For instance, at Keratin Salon Direct, we recommend coloring your hair after the treatment.



What Can Keratin Treatments Do For My Hair?

Keratin treatments are ideal for those with wavy or curly hair. The treatment uses keratin to straighten your natural texture, making it look more uniform and smoother. Those with harsh chemicals with get the hair almost completely straight and keep it there. Keratin treatments that are formaldehyde free, such as Keratin Salon Direct, will reduce the curl to give a straighter appearance but because bonds aren’t broken, the hair can be styled and still hold a curl. Hair that is very curly will not get completely straight with Keratin Salon Direct. This can also give you more control over the shape of your curls. In turn, they’ll be more defined instead of being frizzy and loose-looking.



Keratin Treatments For Damaged Hair: Do You Have Damaged Hair?

If you have damaged hair, a keratin treatment may be right for you. But what exactly is damaged hair? And how do you know if you have it in the first place?


Essentially, if you apply any of the following situations to your hair, it might be damaged:


  • Overprocessing or overstyling your hair
  • Using products that contain chemicals, like hair dye
  • Frequently applying heat to your hair using flat irons, curling irons, or blow dryers
  • Directly expose your hair to sunlight
  • Frequently swim in the ocean or pools


What Can Keratin Treatments Do For You?

Keratin treatments can revitalize damaged hair, smooth frizziness, reduce bulkiness and smooth hair. Since keratin is a protein that's naturally found in human hair, adding more of what already gives your hair its strength, flexibility, and shine can be very beneficial.


When you have a keratin treatment applied to your hair in a salon, the stylist might apply a solution that contains small amounts of formaldehyde or mild acid to your hair. In turn, it will bond with the keratin molecules on the surface of your hair. This’ll help your hair stick together so that the strands cannot move around as much when you brush or style your hair. This will result in smoother-looking locks overall. However, this will lead to a pin straight look. If you elect to use Keratin Salon Direct, a formaldehyde free at home keratin treatment, then the formulation works differently. The keratin, botanicals, moisturizers and other proprietary blend will go into the hair strand instead of sticking to the outside of it. This allows the hair to be smoother without being pin straight.


Keratin vs Hair Dye: Do Keratin Treatments Work For Colored Hair?

Coloring your hair will not damage the keratin treatment. However, as a general rule of thumb, keratin treatments can lift some color. How much depends on many factors, like the type of color used, the water type and your hair. There’s an easy solution with Keratin Salon Direct. Color your hair after the treatment. You can color your hair any time from immediately after the treatment to days or weeks after application without impacting the efficacy of the treatment.


Who Should Take Advantage of Keratin Treatments?  

This type of hair treatment is designed to restore damaged hair, making it smooth and shiny. If you are looking to reduce hair bulk, frizziness or wanting to tame unruly hair, a keratin treatment might be right for you. Using an at home keratin treatment can reduce cost of going to a salon and time. Imagine, instead of sitting in a salon for 4 hours, you could apply the treatment in the comfort of your own home on your schedule. The reviews page of Keratin Salon Direct’s page will show some examples of hair types that have used the at home keratin treatments. Short hair, this is great. Long hair, use more but still works great. Coarse curly hair, let the treatment sit longer on your hair. Damaged frizzy hair, use Flat Iron Free Express. Have hair that’s somewhere in the middle? Keratin Salon Direct will work for you too.


So, Are Keratin Treatments Right For You?


The answer? Only if you want softer and healthier-looking hair! The procedure can be used on both men and women alike no matter their hair types. From curly to frizzy and fine to coarse or everything in between, keratin treatments are excellent if you're looking for an easy way to tame frizziness without sacrificing volume or body.


But how long does a keratin treatment last? In general, this type of treatment lasts months depending on how you care for your hair during that period.


If you've ever colored, highlighted, or straightened your hair, keratin treatments are worth looking into. They can revitalize damaged hair, smooth out frizzy locks. If you have wavy or curly hair that needs to be tamed, a keratin treatment is a suitable option for you as well!