Hair Scrunching: How to scrunch your hair in easy steps

Hair Scrunching: How to scrunch your hair in easy steps

Have you ever heard of scrunching? It’s an amazing hairstyling technique that can yield beautiful results when you follow the right steps. But what does the scrunching process entail? And how can you make sure your efforts are fruitful? Today, we are here to walk you through hair scrunching and tell you all about how to scrunch your hair in six easy steps. Let’s get started!


What is Scrunching?

Scrunching is a hairstyling technique that involves the use of your hands to shape your hair after you've towel dried it. By targeting the driest parts of your hair and scrunching all the strands together, you can effectively scrunch your hair with ease. Ultimately, the idea behind this technique is that it helps define curls or waves without making them look too intense.


How To Scrunch Your Hair in 6 Steps

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the process of scrunching. If you follow these six steps in order, you’ll master the art of scrunching your hair in no time:

•   Towel dry your hair.
•   Scrunch your hair.
•   Shape your hair and add volume.
•   Apply product to your hair.
•   Let your hair air dry.
•   Blow dry and diffuse your hair.

 woman demonstrating hair scrunching with keratin salon direct styling creme

Towel Dry Your Hair

Before you start scrunching your hair, you’ll want to use a towel to dry it. However, don’t let your hair dry completely. Instead, towel dry your hair until it is damp. Damp hair is wet without dripping water.


Scrunch Your Hair

The idea behind scrunching is to target the drier parts of your hair and give your hair volume with ease. By taking your hair in the palm of your hands and squishing it all together, you can achieve a perfectly scrunched look.


Shape Your Hair and Add Volume

You’ll want to scrunch all your hair together with the rest of your strands, creating volume and shine on the surface. You should try to scrunch your hair when it is still slightly wet because the dampness will  help you keep moisture in your hair. When you scrunch your hair shortly after stepping out of the shower, your hair will exhibit less frizz, making it easier to style. While you don’t want your hair to be dripping wet, the drier your hair is, the more likely it will be that your curls will fall flat or look like accidental waves instead.


Apply Product To Your Hair

A lot of people think that scrunching is a style that will maintain its hold naturally. However, when you're using this technique, it's important to remember that products are what protect your hair from damage while maintaining the scrunched look.

In order to help the scrunching effect last all day long, you will need to use a leave-in conditioner or styling product. Make sure it has some hold to it. That way, when you scrunch your hair, the ends up your hair will stay in place instead of sticking out like crazy straws.

Also, if you already use a styling product, like gels or mousses, scrunching can help you evenly distribute those products throughout your hair. This can help you

keep your hair from looking greasy, flat, stringy, or dull. Even better, scrunching also minimizes the frequency of frizziness.


Let Your Hair Air Dry

Once you've applied product to your hair and shaped your locks in a stylish way, let your hair air dry for a few minutes. This is important because air drying your hair will ensure that your hair retains some moisture. Otherwise, immediately applying heat to scrunched hair can have unwanted side effects.


Blow Dry and Diffuse Your Hair

After you let your hair air dry for a few minutes, you can finish with the use a diffuser. We recommend using a diffuser attachment with an electric blow dryer for even more volume. Use low heat as to not strip the moisture from the curls.


Scrunching vs Rubbing: What is the Difference?

The key word here is scrunching, not rubbing. There’s a major difference. People tend to overdo it when they scrunch their hair for the first time, but really, you just want to lightly pat or press your fingers into your hair and then release your locks.

When people start scrunching their hair, they often mistake scrunching for rubbing. However, you’ll want to be very careful because rubbing your hair can cause damage.

Remember that scrunching makes it possible to distribute products evenly throughout your hair. It helps shape curls, resulting in more defined waves or volume. Scrunching also encourages hair to dry faster because it removes excess moisture from the strands, which reduces frizziness. That’s why it’s important to gently scrunch your hair, not aggressively rub it.



Scrunching is an easy and effective hairstyling technique that anyone can do, but it may take time and practice to learn how to scrunch your hair properly. The key to improving your scrunching abilities is knowing how much pressure to apply when scrunching your hair. Figuring out which products are most ideal for your type of hair is also important. If you're looking for more ways to style your locks or you want tips on how to best care for your hair, then check out our other articles here on Hair Care Tips!