Application tips for your Keratin Treatment

Application tips for your Keratin Treatment

Keratin Salon Direct sends you a directional booklet with your order. Inside there are steps on use the treatment you purchased. But there are a few steps that cause a customer to ask, why? 

Remove jewelry, why?

You may see some testimonial videos where women are wearing their earrings, necklaces or rings. We recommend that you remove jewelry before applying the treatment as our treatments have a PH level similar to lemon juice, which could tarnish or discolor jewelry. Take just a few seconds, remove your jewelry and continue on your journey to smoother, softer hair.

 woman using comb during keratin treatment

Plastic comb, why?

Our directions ask that you comb your hair back from your scalp with a plastic comb after you apply and massage the treatment into your hair. We want to be sure that your hair is completely saturated and combed away from your face so that you will be comfortable during the 30-50 minute treatment time.

The reason for the plastic comb is that the treatment has a pH level similar to that of lemon juice, which can be abrasive to a wooden comb (same reason we suggest removing jewelry).  Once you’ve rinsed and dried your hair, you can use wooden combs if you prefer.

So, comb back your hair, kick your feet up and enjoy your beautiful smooth hair.