What is a Keratin Treatment?

“Keratin Treatment” describes several methods of salon and at-home treatments that deliver smooth, soft, frizz free hair with results that can last for months.

Types of Keratin Treatments

1. Brazilian type salon treatments that deliver straighter hair that lasts for months and frequently use formaldehyde with average cost of $250

2. Formaldehyde free salon treatments are about the same price but not quite as effective or long lasting.

3. Salon Express Treatments — Less expensive than the Brazilian or standard formaldehyde free type treatments. Express treatments may or may not contain formaldehyde. They last for several weeks and cost on average $100-$300

4. At home keratin treatments, like Keratin Salon Direct, deliver salon quality results at a fraction of the price, without toxic chemicals. Average cost $49-87

5. Drug Store/Supermarket smoothing products temporarily reduce frizz, add shine and make hair more manageable lasting a couple of days to a month. Prices range from $29-80

So which one is for you?

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