How do Brazilian and Keratin Salon Treatments compare to Keratin Salon Direct?

We all love the salon! Kick back and relax while someone dolls us up for an hour, two or three. But… we don’t love the cost, the smell, the scheduling nightmares and now the mask wearing.

Now you can get the long-lasting results of a salon quality keratin treatment at home, easily and quickly and you save 75% off salon prices.  

Keratin Salon Direct is an at home keratin treatment that is EASY to use!

Apply, sit, rinse, blow dry, flat iron and you’re done!

Why spend the time getting a salon keratin treatment when you can get the same result at home and save a ton of money!

At home treatment, salon quality results!

Keratin Salon Direct smoothing treatment is clinically proven to provide smoother, softer, more manageable hair that lasts as long as salon keratin treatments!

No waiting to wash, color or sweat!

Don’t be limited by salon keratin treatments that have waiting periods before you can wash your hair, color your hair, or even go to the gym, swim or shower! With Keratin Salon Direct, you can do any of these immediately after the treatment!

Save Money!

Yes, it’s fun to visit the salon. But with today’s climate, the enjoyment has lessened. Don’t add to it by spending hundreds of dollars more than you have to on treatment! Save money with Keratin Salon Direct!

Save 75% on In-Salon Pricing

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