Tips to air drying hair

Tips to air drying hair

Drying your hair is the last step of a good hair day and can often be the most time-consuming part. If you're looking for a way to cut down on drying time, air drying might be for you. It's easy and cheap. And while it's not always possible (or practical) to air dry your hair every single day, it can be a great alternative when temperatures dip below freezing or humidity levels skyrocket above 100%. Here are some tips to air drying your hair.

Use conditioner.

Conditioner is an essential part of the air drying process. It helps to protect hair from heat and dry faster, which means less time under the dryer. In addition, a leave-in conditioner will keep your locks looking healthy and shiny all day long. And it can reduce flyaways.

Use cold water.

Cold water is your friend when it comes to air drying hair. The cold temperature helps reduce frizz and shrinkage, which can cause tangles and breakage. It also closes the cuticle, locking in moisture so you don't have to worry about dryness or split ends. Another bonus of using cold water? It makes your conditioner work better! When you rinse out conditioner with warm or hot water, some of that product washes away before making its way down and through each strand of hair (that's why most people recommend leaving a little bit behind). But if you use cold water instead, there's no way for any excess conditioning agents to escape--they'll stay put until they're absorbed into each strand for maximum effectiveness.

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Twist strands.

For those with curly hair, twirl individual strands around your finger and hold for a few seconds before gently releasing. This will reduce water from the individual strands, so they're less likely to get tangled when you air dry them.

If you want to be extra careful about preventing tangles, try twisting each section of hair before wrapping it up in a towel or soft cloth (like a T-shirt). The twist will help prevent any loose hairs from getting stuck in knots later on!

Scrunch sections. 

Another tip for those with curly hair, scrunch up sections of hair, then let it air dry in its natural form to get volume and texture.

  • Use a wide-toothed comb to scrunch up sections of hair, then let it air dry in its natural form to get volume and texture.
  • Use a soft towel or t-shirt to absorb excess water from your hair so that it doesn't weigh down your style.
  • Apply a volumizing product to the roots of your hair, focusing on the crown of your head and the back section where you'll be styling.


In this article, we've covered some of the best tips and tricks for air drying hair. Whether you're looking to get volume or just want to save time in the morning, these tricks are sure to help!