Does Keratin Salon Direct get applied to dry or wet hair?

Does Keratin Salon Direct get applied to dry or wet hair?

On dry or wet hair? Apply your Treatment faster and better with these 3 pointers.

We get a lot of questions about what's the best way to apply the Treatment to your hair.
Here are 3 tips, based on some of our most frequently asked questions, to get the best results from your Treatment applications.

 women applying keratin treatment to their hair

"Do I need to wash my hair before using a Treatment?"

Step 1 in the KSD directions booklet instructs to wash hair first. But what if you just washed your hair? Your hair is clean, you didn’t use any product on it and you don’t really want to wash it again… do you have to? The answer is, no, but it needs to be damp. If your hair is already clean and you didn’t use any styling products on it, you can dampen your hair and start the treatment.

Can I apply the treatment to dry hair?

You can, but it will take longer and use a lot more product. We recommend applying the treatment to clean, damp hair. If your hair has been washed and you haven’t used any styling products, but now it’s dry, just use a spray bottle to dampen your hair. This will allow the treatment to apply faster, easier and penetrate the hair shaft. The cuticle of your hair opens when it’s damp or wet, allowing the treatment to penetrate the cortex of your hair with massaging.

What’s the difference between damp and wet hair?

That's simple: your hair is wet when water drips out of it. Your hair is dry when there is no moisture in your hair. Your hair is damp when it’s in between wet and dry. If you touch your hair and feel moisture, but water droplets aren’t dripping to the floor, chances are you have damp hair. Depending on the porosity and thickness of your hair, after a wash and towel scrunch, your hair could stay damp for a while.

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